Surgery Of The Chin

Chin definition is an important of the facial profile and contour of the lower third of the face. A weak chin distorts harmony of the face and makes your nose look bigger. Around 10-15% 0f patients who undergo rhinoplasty have chin surgery at the same time. Before chin surgery is performed a good analysis of the mandible proportion and contour, teeth occlusion, balance between the bony framework and soft tissue is made. After that a decision is made regarding the type of surgery.
In certain cases chin surgery is done to improve the relations between the lower third of the face and the neck specially in cases of weak chin and excess chin in the neck or what is called the double chin appearance. In this condition, liposuction of the of the fat in the neck and chin augmentation are performed at the same time.
Certain patients have orthognatic problems of occlusion requiring orthodontic consultation before planning any type of chin surgery.
Understanding the Surgery
There are basically two main approaches for chin augmentation: one through an incision in the mucosa of the lower lip and another through a small incision in the crease underneath the chin. The bone is exposed while making sure that the nerve supplying sensation to the lower lip is preserved and not stretched. An implant is chosen to fit the augmentation needed. There are different designs of medical grade plastic material that can be inserted in the pocked made over the bone of the mandible. The implant is put in a symmetrical fashion and fixed in place. If an incision is made in the skin under the chin the scar is usually imperceptible.
In certain conditions if the bone of the chin is large, through an intraoral incision the bone is exposed, a cut is made in the bone, this segment is advanced and fixed in place with an anchoring titanium plate and screws.
What To Expect After The Surgery ?
Following surgery, a dressing is applied for three to five days. Mild swelling of the chin will be present for one to two weeks, and mild discomfort will be present for few days. Patients are asked to have soft diet for one week following the surgery.
For further information, please refer to publication (facial implant) by Dr Fuleihan available on this site.